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Manya Bhandary, Kaitlyn Miranda, and Justin Irvin from the Heller labs were among the students inducted into the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society on November 19, 2022.

November 19, 2022

Amanda Sales Conniff, PhD, receives a travel award for the 4th World Congress on Electroporation in Copenhagen, Denmark for her presentation “Palmitoylation of STING following DNA electroporation in mouse skeletal muscle”
October 27, 2022

The Department of Medical Engineering is proud to offer research opportunities to undergraduate students. Over the summer, we will be giving a voice to these students’ experiences. Each week we will feature a new story highlighting the research that these students are performing. For this week, Kaitlyn Miranda and Manya Bhandary will be sharing their stories. Both are juniors in the BME undergraduate degree program and are assisting Dr. Loree Heller in her research. Kaitlyn first meet Dr. Heller as a freshman, where they discussed gene therapy. Dr. Heller then invited Kaitlyn to seek her out for research opportunities. Manya first encountered Dr. Heller in a presentation she gave during the Intro to BME course and was inspired to do research as soon as possible. Both of these young students have only just started their journey in BME and have already started to make their mark. They participate in studies that look into into the effect of electroporation for increasing cell membrane permeability, thus allowing chemicals, drugs, DNA or RNA to be introduced into the cell. Manya has even been added as an author to a paper that has been accepted for publication in RNA Biology.

June 17, 2022

Postdoctoral fellow in Medical Engineering receives national award Amanda Sales Conniff, PhD, from Loree Heller’s laboratory receives an “Excellence in Research” award from Beverly L. Davidson, PhD, President, at the American Society for Gene and Cell Therapy 2022 meeting for her presentation entitled “DNA sensor palmitoylation in mouse skeletal muscle following DNA electroporation”.
May 18, 2022

“Shreena Patel presented her undergraduate research at USF Health Research Day 2022. She presented her poster entitled: “Poly(I:C) delivery to 4T1 mammary cancer cells induces a pro-inflammatory cascade”, which describes her study on the effects of an RNA analog on breast cancer cell inflammatory and RNA sensing pathways.”

May 2, 2022

"The overall winner for the 2022 "Dance your PhD" contest was "Electroporation of Yeast Cells" by Dr. Povilas Simonis and his team at Lithuania's Center for Physical Sciences and Technology and Vilnius University."
April 21, 2022